Speed up and boost performance

Default of WpBolt is, in terms of speed , “but better, not the best setting” has become.

In this page, it explains the setting for speeding in WpBolt.

Compression and optimization

WpBolt can be statically compress the CSS and Javascript of a child theme.

To further can also be attached to the parent theme of CSS, you can reduce the HTTP request.

CSS compression of


Whatever the situation, the best setting is “compression by combining the CSS of the parent and the child” is.

Child theme CSS, even if compression, be combined, for style.min.css and the name is changed, the original style.css is, there is no neat, be rewritten the contents.

Please be compressed with confidence.


If a child theme of Javascript nothing written in his own,
“need not (not read)” it is the best. You can reduce the HTTP request.

If you add something to a child theme of Javascript,
“compression (you can also compress combined with additional files)” Please select.


“Compression rate and low” or “compression rate and high” Please select a.

Compression of HTML, even at a low but high, much of the difference is not.

※ use of compression plug-in called Autoptimize is, honestly, I can not be too much recommended (not absolute).
Why plug-in please refer to the page of.

Configuring the CSS

Embedded directly in the CSS to HTML

HTML of CSS embedded

If you stick a check, you can reduce the HTTP request.

However, because the CSS will not be cached, if there are many page transition the number of visitors, waste is increased in the page with the style of the same contentdisadvantage will be.

When checked, the Google PageSpeed Insights, will dramatically improve the score …

CSS for the widget

Widget styles that are not in use can reduce the capacity of the CSS by removing the check.

Set of widgets for CSS

Setting of Javascript

Asynchronous of jQuery

To all of the external script to be inserted in the jQuery and plug-ins to grant the defer attribute.

Type of plug-ins such as the insertion of jQuery script in-line will not work.

To improve rendering speed. However, because it is pretty rough technique,
safe is better except knowledgeable people do not check is.

Asynchronous of jQuery

Binding of jQuery

It combines the jQuery and jQuery-migrate that comes with WordPress.
You can reduce the HTTP request.

Binding of jQuery

Sequential output of the buffer ring

Experience speed will be slightly improved.
It does not result in overall speed improvement, including the response.

If you are using a plug-in cache system, the cache will not become ineffective If you check.

Sequential output of the buffer ring

SNS count cache

If you are viewing the number of counts in the SNS button,
please activate your cache.

Not only the speed improvement effect, also the CPU utilization of the server to dramatically decreases.

Setting of SNS count cache

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