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Design policy

For WpBolt of design policy.

  • Syntax error is not issued
  • html5 aware of the previous backward compatibility, the outline structure is made under the heading of the H1 ~ H6
  • So, although sectioning content is used, the implicit section is basically
  • Sectioning content is used as the meaning of the block unit
  • H1 element because it is implicit section due to backward compatibility is only once a page
  • Meaning of section elements “Full article: article, the list: section, additional information: aside”
  • nav, the global navigation and pagination
  • sns button, advertising, related articles, comments, all aside
  • Sidebar in the interpretive of html5, because but subtle even for a chubby aside, do not know what kind of content goes, once aside
  • It is important to the search engine and browsing user element is placed as much as possible the top of the head tag and the body tag
  • Place to be searched engine dislike elements are not made

Grammar conforming to the specifications of html5

WpBolt is, W3C of Nu Html CheckerIn,
it is designed in a syntax that ERORR or WARNING is in line with html5 so that does not occur.

W3C check result

  • Depending on the content of the posts, there may be a decision of ERROR.
  • Some such as introducing plug-ins, there may be a decision of ERROR.
  • When you select the Lightbox in the image gallery, it will be the determination of ERROR.
  • Basically, if it is not compelling grammatical mistakes, even out ERROR and WARNING You do not need to worry about.

In addition, Google is of tend webmaster tool
“entry-title”, “updated”, “author”, etc.
has been designed structured data errors so that does not occur.


In WpBolt,

Authors, when it is considered appropriate to the content is syndicated, it is recommended to use the article element instead of the section element.

Based on the specifications of the html5 that, in terms of using the article and section,
as shown below, have been placed flow, the section training-content.

Assigning a title

In WpBolt, as follows, you can choose a free title format depending on the type of each page.

title section


  • In WpBolt, the excerpt if it is set excerpt in the post-editing screen of the article, if it is not specifically set, automatically inserts the beginning part of the article as a description.
  • In addition, the top page separately, you can set the description from the customization screen.

Automatically canonical grant

WpBolt is without using a plug-in, etc., it will automatically be able to grant a canonical.
(Also supports dynamic URL)

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