Recommended plugin and Do not recommend plugins

Good plugin when used with WpBolt

EWWW Image Optimizer

· EWWW Image Optimizer

Mandatory close.
When you upload the image, us to subtractive color compression to the optimum state for Web browsing.

Existing images can be compressed.
However, even if you have to compress the same image many times, because the image is more and more deterioration attention.

There was better plugins


· PubSubHubbubOr PuSHPress

All you need to install the plug-in,
at the time of posting, us to Push notification to Google, etc. automatically.

PubSubHubbub, PuSHPress is, it is only one Which one do.

Google XML Sitemaps

· Google XML SitemapsOr XML Sitemap & Google News feeds

Us to automatically generate a sitemap.xml.

Which one single good at.

If a beginner, who of XML Sitemap & Google News feeds are might be easier setting.

WordPress Ping Optimizer

· WordPress Ping Optimizer

WordPress is a ping machine gun.

Good things only at the time of posting, also strike out a ping at the time of renewal.
Since the strike out a ping even a little typo fixes, nuisance unrivaled.

That us to suppress this, WordPress Ping Optimizer.

Basically, us to strike a ping only at the time of submission.
It manually it is also possible to hit the ping from the post, can you also leave the log.


· WP-Optimize

The revision of the trash content and posts us off pretty refreshing.

Unnecessary data, because the WordPress of operation is slow and steadily accumulate, it is better to regularly put out.

It is very convenient.

There and useful plugins

Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order

· Category Order And Taxonomy Terms Order

Sort by category or taxonomy is to be able to.

Convenient. Trouble and no.

Plug-in name is profusely long w

Simple Page Ordering

· Simple Page Ordering

Such as a fixed page is to be able to sort and hierarchy moved by drag-and-drop.


Cache-based plugins

Comet Cache

· Comet Cache

Us is personally, when viewed as an engineer and programmer eyes, most decent was me operate, cache plug-ins that I thought even Do decent contents of the code.

  • W3 Total What Chara
  • WP Super What Chara

Is good if a server with a super power, in the case of the poor server, only plug-in also loaded me to the cache, so a nice plug-ins that will slow down any more, does not recommend so much.

Comet Cache moves crisp even in poor server.

But Comet Cache is “decent” only say that,
because the cache-based plug-in for WordPress there are more of that detrimental,
not recommended for aggressive

By the operation will be the version of PHP, “Quick Cache”, “Zen Cache”, I have changed the name of the “Comet Cache” pattern.

NIX Gravatar Cache

· NIX Gravatar Cache

Even with the Comet Cache, etc., image of Gravater is, will go to to get the outside of the image.

NIX Gravatar Cache is, us to cache the image of Gravater to the local server.

It not long has been updated, but will only have not updated since the stable is.

To work without any problem.

Security-based plugins

IP Geo Block

· IP Geo Block

Fire Wall-type plug-in Japan domestic.

It becomes quite strong.

Limiting the comment, etc. only in Japan, also to stop the fucking heavy plug-ins that say Toka Akismet, the majority of spam is no longer coming.

If you are using a WpBolt not recommend plugins

All in One SEO Pack

· All in SEO-related plug-ins such as One SEO Pack

For WpBolt it has been SEO optimized, completely unnecessary.

Rather, by putting the plug-ins, SEO becomes negative duplicate tags of canonical and description.

In particular, All in One SEO Pack is a plug-in itself is heavy shit, slow shit, source code is super dirty.

Although it is better not to put it basically, absolutely, if you put there is a necessary function, look at the parts that are duplicated in WpBolt and SEO-related item, and not to OFF in terms of its setting Akan.


· Autoptimize

WpBolt can do HTML, CSS, compression of Javascript.
CSS, Javascript is compressed static.

CSS compression rate is, the minute that does not include the domain name in the path conversion, WpBolt exceeds.
Javascript compression ratio is the same because it uses the same library.
HTML compression rate is outweighed by the Autoptimize but, there is no difference only 100 to 300 bytes about.

Autoptimize is to create a huge cache, the response is not my best regards.

In addition, if you include the load time of the plug-in, when used in WpBolt, it becomes rather slow.

Other plug-ins, if you embed a profusely large amount of CSS, but might be better be introduced Autoptimize, the best of the case

“Write directly to the style.css to copy the CSS, which are embedded in the plug-in, CSS that the plug-in inserts is disabled in functions.php”


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