Fastest loading wordpress theme

fastest loading wordpress theme
WpBolt is equipped with a lot of mechanism to display a Web page at a high speed.

Even in the only operating in the default state WpBolt, it will be quite a performance.

In addition, in the customization screen, such as compression and bonding, by performing the appropriate settings, depending on the customization,
in Google PageSpeed Insights, etc. All 100 also put out .

※ Measurement of the top page of this site is an all 100.

Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool Result of

All in Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool 100

Google PageSpeed Insights Result of

PageSpeed Insights 100

  • You can use the plug-in large quantity, if you are using the apparently slow plug-in, will lead to the slowdown. (Example: All In One SEO Pack and Crayon Syntax Highlighter )
  • And put the ad, such as Google Adsense,
    depending on the content of the advertisement to be displayed Score will up and down significantly .
  • However, in the case of Google Adsense, so basically the asynchronous read,
    because the Score is not rendering speed is reduced also down,
    you do not need to worry at all .
  • Ninja Admax, etc., in the case of advertising, such as using the document.write,
    is clearly slow . . .

Speeding up design of WpBolt

For WpBolt efforts contribute to the speeding up of the Web page,
below, we will introduce a part of.

Compression of HTML · CSS · Javascript

In addition to the compression of HTML,
from the customization screen, you can compress and coupled to static also CSS · Javascript of child theme .
※ parent theme is always compressed.

CSS optimization screen

Reduction of the HTTP request

Mechanism and offers several capable of reducing the HTTP request.

Binding of the theme of parent-child CSS

You can combine the CSS of the parent theme and child theme.
By combining both of CSS, to automatically become read only child theme of CSS, you can reduce the HTTP request.


Or, If you do not write anything in the CSS of child theme,
it can also be set to not read the CSS of child theme.


Furthermore, if configured to output a style.css directly to HTML,
you can also make a request for reading the CSS to 0 (except for CSS to be inserted in the plug-in).


Binding of jquery.js and jquery-migrate.min.js

You can combine the jquery.js and jquery-migrate.min.js that comes with the WordPress.


Binding of Javascript

In child theme, it can only yourself also compression and combining Javascript to use.


Asynchronous read of there is no impact on the design CSS

Impact on the first view is small, CSS, etc. relates to an image gallery of icon fonts and modal system is designed to read asynchronously.

Browser cache and Gzip compression with .htaccess

Apache comes with a .htaccess sample to allow the browser cache and Gzip compression by.
To the following description in .htaccess directly under WordPress directory postscript(overwriting is not allowed) doing, you can speed greatly WordPress.

※ There is only effective in the Apache Web Server.

For high-speed .htaccess

Optimization of PHP program

WpBolt is very versatile, but as not to slow down in the internal process,
we are working as much as possible, we aim to optimize the program.

Because you have completely separate blog screen and the management screen,
even a multi-function, the response of the blog screen is very fast.

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