WpBOLT is SEO optimized, multi feature, super faster WordPress theme


WpBolt is super fastest wordpress theme, SEO optimized, responsive, highly customizable,

Even with massive amount of cool features, it has many smart tricks to make the rendering of the page super fast.

In addition, despite the multi-functional,
and is packed with a mechanism for displaying Web pages faster, it works very fast.

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Features WpBolt theme

In the development of WpBolt, is particularly emphasizes,
is speeding up, SEO, responsive, multi-function, associated with.

Design with emphasis on speed

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GTmetrix Measurement result

  • HTML, CSS, can be statically compressed and join the Javascript.
  • Child theme of CSS and Javascript even can be statically compression and also coupled from the customization screen.
  • CSS, design that minimizes the number of requests of Javascript.
  • CSS, blocking elimination by proper placement of Javascript.
  • CSS that do not affect the design, asynchronous read of Javascript.
  • Browser cache and Gzip compression by .htaccess.
  • Blog, management screen, improved response by programminlg the separation of the customized preview.


SEO optimization

search engine optimization

  1. Appropriate grammar conforming to the specifications of html5.
  2. header, footer, main, sectioning content (nav, section, article, aside) proper placement of such.
  3. It does not generate an ERROR and WARNING in the W3C HTML grammar checker.
  4. It does not generate a structured data error in Google Webmasters.
  5. It does not cause the problem in the Google PageSpeed Insights user experience.
  6. Beautiful outline by the proper placement of the H1 ~ H6 tags.
  7. Title format to choose.
  8. Automatic-manual insertion of the description.
  9. canonical granted to the header without the use of plug-ins.
  10. Non-essential pages (Monthly Archives, etc.), not indexed in the search engine.

Responsive design

responsive web design

  1. Adopt the Bootstrap to provide a stable Responsive design as a base.
  2. Two modes which can be chosen.
  3. Based on the unnecessary features Bootstrap stripped-down to the limit, high-speed, lightweight “WpBolt mode”.
  4. Full function of Bootstrap can be used “Bootstrap mode”.
  5. Parent theme CSS that conforms to WordPress specifications.
  6. Complete Responsive design is not carried out the distribution and the like depending on the type of device.
  7. Corresponding to the responsive of the iframe such as Youtube and Google Map.

Multi-function and high customization


  1. Content that can be customized on the management screen of WordPress is 31 or 250 or more items.
  2. Child theme editing with function by high-function editor.
  3. 1 to 3 free layout that column can be chosen for each template.
  4. Also supports the sidebar to the special 3 column closer to the two sides.
  5. Separation and binding by article units of the article list. Free design, such as separation and binding by each item in the sidebar.
  6. Content-side bar of separation and also coupled possible.
  7. Global navigation design and placement can also be changed. Display existence and design of the menu on the header any way you want.
  8. Pager, LazyLoad, also an image gallery, can be used without plug-ins.
  9. Customized design, about what should be written in the CSS file than the inline CSS, automatically because it is embedded in the person of the CSS file, influence and waste-free design for speed.

Cooperation with SNS

Cooperation with SNS

  1. Facebook, OGP of Twitter Cards correspondence.
  2. Article og from post-editing screen: can be inserted by selecting the Image
    (if no image is selected, automatic insertion and eye-catching image, the other of the image).
  3. SNS button to choose.
  4. With browsing function of the cache function cache list of SNS count.

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